Participating Arts

The Club recognizes the importance of the arts in the overall education and development of members as people, and the arts program is an important part of the Kalamazoo Club experience. The arts encourage creativity, focus, the importance of practice, and helps young people see the beauty in the world around them. The program offers children the opportunity to participate in many art forms including digital, performing, and visual arts.

Participating Arts Programs:


Arts Academy

Arts Academy runs each summer from 9:00am - 1:00pm for youth ages 6 - 11. Daily classes include Drama, Music, Dance, Digital, and Visual Arts. Participants display their newly developed art skills in an end-of-summer showcase. Arts Academy participants will receive free breakfast and lunch daily through the USDA summer lunch program. Registration for the 2018 session is closed.


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Digital Art

This program is a build up to our Digital Arts Festival, where members can enter their works in six areas– graphic design, photo illustration, music composition, game design, claymation & live - action and movie making.



Drama Matters

The goal of the DramaMatters program is to promote Club member’s love of drama, while increasing their appreciation of this art form, building self-confidence, inspiring creativity and increasing academic achievement. Lessons in Stagecraft, a supplemental DramaMatters guide, teaches advanced participants in drama about set design, set building, stage lighting, costumes, stage make-up, and directing. It offers Club member's different ways for them to express themselves creatively in hopes that they will discover a behind-the-scenes role in a production.

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Lyricism 101

This program intentionally includes proven youth development practices and creative activities that build and expand the literary skills of our teens, while exposing them to the art of hip hop, particularly cipher culture. It is broken down into nine 90-minute sessions. Club professionals are encouraged to be creative and interweave their own content and connections into the activities. 

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Music Makers

The goal of MusicMakers National Music Education Programs is to promote young people’s natural love of music and to increase their appreciation of this art form while building their skills so they can express themselves using guitar or drums. Program builds on beginning skills of members 8 - 13.

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The National Photography Program is designed to help members go beyond snapshots and develop skills to take photographs that can really impact the viewer. The current popularity and accessibility of photography makes it a powerful means to engage youth of all ages in creative programming, while simultaneously teaching them skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Visual & Fine Arts

The program teaches members of all ages fine art techniques in various mediums, such as watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, and clay. Members art work is then entered into our Annual Fine Arts Show in January of each year. Local winners will get the chance to enter their work into the BGC regional show.

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